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Choice Code : 601629310

Department Of Electrical Engineering

Government Polytechnic, Karad

Department Of Electrical Engineering


Electrical Machine Laboratory


Name of Lab

Electrical Machine Laboratory

Lab In charge

Shri. Sharanappa B. Shelke

Lab Technician

Shri. Ganesh Y. Pawar

Lab Area

66 m2

Lab Total Investment

Rs. 34,65,032/- (Approx.)

Equipment Details

Sr. No.Major EquipmentCost in Rs.
1Electrical Hardware Work Bench Unit:
i) DC Shunt Motor – DC Shunt Generator
ii) DC Compound Motor
iii) 3-phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
2Rectifier: 19.5kVA, I/P: 400V 3-Ph AC, 86,944/-
O/P: 220V DC (2 nos.)
3D. C. Shunt Motor – Alternator Set 82,000/-
4Schrage Motor – D.C. Shunt Generator Set 72,176/-
53-ph Induction Motor – D. C. Shunt Generator Set68,250/-
6D. C. Series Motor for Direct Loading (2 nos.) 45,250/-
7Transformers: 3-ph, 3kVA, 415V/415V (2 nos.)29,869/-
83-Ph Auto-transformer: 415V, 20A 22,050/-
9D. C. Compound Motor – 3-ph Alternator set36,298/-
10Slip Ring Induction Motor: 3 HP, 415V, 1500 RPM32,119/-
11Synchronous Motor: 3-ph, 3 kW, 415 V, 50 Hz, 1500 rpm. 29,841/-
12D. C. Shunt Motor: 3 kW, 220V, 1500 RPM 21,755/-
13Squirrel Cage Induction Motor: 3-ph, 5HP, 400V, 1440 RPM21,639/-
14Single phase Auto transformer: 1KVA, 10A 3,900/-
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